For designers

You can already take advantage of our know-how in the designing phase. Our marketing department will gladly help you in different questions on early stages.

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Good to think before designing or ordering

  • It's good to make sure of the measurements of the product in the design phase in order to accomplish the best possible condensation.
  • It's good to take into account that soft material tolerances are wider compared to for example metallic parts.
  • Ask us for the tolerances of materials. Special tolerances may demand a longe production time. This also affects delivery times, production amounts and price.
  • The standard choices and thicknesses in use enable the maximal utilization of raw materials, which gives us the ability to reach a more cost-effective solution for the end product.
  • By choosing the thinner material, you usually achieve a better condensation and more cost-effective seal.
  • High fire protection in the raw material usually increases the price of the product unnecessarily.
  • Usually the seal itself is cheap product when you don't consider the starting and logistics expences. Check your order amount – the effect on storage value is usually very low
  • By standardizing the packaging size and order amounts you can achieve many benefits.
  • Regular deliviries for example once a week lower the management expences, which is good for the client as well as for the supplier.