High pressure material

With a great combination of pressure and temperature resistance, this material is suitable for heating and sanitation applications, valves, engines, couplings and flange gaskets.

Materials: Aramid fibre and rubber
Temperature range: -50 – 400°C
Approval: KTW and WRC
Manufacturers.: Klinger-sil, Tesnit and Unitec

O rings / Moulded components

Varastoimme ja myymme O-renkaita eri standardien mukaisesti. Myymme myös asiakaskohtaiset valukumiosat mittojen mukaan.

We market and stock O rings in different standards. We also offer moulded rubber components based on custom designs.

Materials: Nitrile, EPDM, Viton®, Silicone & H-NBR.

Contact us if you think these materials could be useful for your needs. We will gladly tell you more!