Cellular plastic is a versatile choice

Cellular plastic choices have expanded strongly in recent years. The choices have a wide temperature range, different hard varities, antistatic options, fire resistances and plenty of other qualities, which enable product applications to different targets. Material can be used for example in seals, insulation, packagings and many other objects.

Cellular plastic provides a seal against heat, condensation, dirt and water. On the other hand the material is used the manufacture products also for consumers – the choices are abundant. Cellular plastic comes in different price ranges according to its usage. For cost-effective packaging solutions, we recommend non-cross-linked polyethylene with or without antistatic properties.

Materials: Polyethylene
Temperature range: -80 – 100°C
Volumetric weight: 15 – 200 kg/m3
Fire resistance: FMVSS 302 & UL-94

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